The Second Ice Game Design Competition

This competition ran from October 16th to December 3rd, 2004. There were six entries, and seven voters.

The Results

In order of their rank in the standings. We had a tie for second place.

1: Undercut   (HTML or MSWord)
designed by Joseph Kisenwether
(joe_kisenwether .at. hotmail .dot. com)
(2:) E, the Game of Martian Chinese Checkers   (HTML)
designed by Carol Townsend
(ragnardove .at. aol .dot. com) (home page)
(2:) Ice Palace   (HTML)
designed by Geoff Hanna
(Geoff .at. HannaSolutions .dot. com)
4: The Icehouse Plant Game   (PDF)
designed by Ross Andrews
(randrews .at. geekfu .dot. org)
5: King o' the Castle   (MSWord)
designed by Kendall Johns
6: Spellcycles   (PDF; sample cards PDF)
designed by Jonathan A. Leistiko
(jonathan .at. invisible-city .dot. com) (home page)

Here is the marginal vote table. (What does this table mean?)

EMCC        X     1     0     1     3    -4
PLAN       -1     X    -1     2     2    -4
IPAL        0     1     X     1     2    -4
KOTC       -1    -2    -1     X     5    -5
SCYC       -3    -2    -2    -5     X    -5
UCUT        4     4     4     5     5     X

Most Improved From Previous Contest

Only one entry from the First Competition was updated:
Moscow Ice 'n More   (MSWord)
designed by Kendall Johns
(original Moscow Ice contest entry -- PDF)
The "Most Improved" award is therefore uncontested, and goes to Kendall. Congratulations! (Really. Releasing a new version of a game is valuable work, and if nobody else did it, that just highlights your dedication.)

Last updated December 4, 2004.

Ice Game Design Competition